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100% handloomed cotton button front shirt with collar. This shirt lasts a long time and somehow manages to get more comfortable with age. These shirts come in assorted beautiful colors. Made by Utz, a producer known for high quality precision work. Most of these shirts are sold in Japan.

Minimum Total Order = 30 shirts. Minimum per size 10. Must be even numbers (due to the mechanics of cutting the cloth).

In the box below, please put the amount of Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large shirts you want. Then Add to Cart the total amount of all the shirts.

These shirts are made from new loomed rolls of cloth, so they are as "fresh" as can be. They are colorfast. The colors change but they are always great and there is always a variety. Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. 

The price stated is per single piece. You will receive assorted colors. The photo is representative only. Colors and patterns will differ. Unisex. 

If you desire a large amount of shirts in one or more particular colors, we can do that because this shirt maker also produces their own rolls of cloth. For example any of the rolls of cloth found on this website could loomed, and then made into shirts. And there are many more patterns than are on our website. Please contact us with details of any larger special order for shirts. 

Price: $29.00
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    Do you need a large amount of this item? We are large quantity specialists. Please contact us with the desired amount and your need by date for a quote. This item is hand made by skilled Mayan artisans using traditional methods (as are all items on this website). All cloth products are made from material that is hand loomed in the traditional way. The result is a uniquely colorful product that is also very durable.