Embroidered Pullover Shirts in ten colors, see dropdown menu. These are fresh made in Guatemala to your order. Allow 6-8 weeks. Minimum order per color is 24 shirts in any combination of Medium, Large and X Large. Please state the sizes you want in the text box. For example if you order 24 of a specific color, you could get 6 medium, 12 large and 6 XL. Or any other combination you want.

Price: $19.00
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    This item is hand made by skilled Mayan artisans using traditional methods (as are all items on this website). All cloth products are made from material that is hand loomed in the traditional way. The result is a uniquely colorful product that is also very durable.

    Each white grid line in the photo is one half inch. Unless otherwise indicated, all the products come in a wide array of colors. The photo is only a sample, and we send assorted colors.