Classically beautiful Southwestern Leather Cotton Belt, in your choice of 32 different colors and patterns. 

Made by hand to last many years, the belts utilize natural vegetable tanned leather that gains a wonderful patina with age.  

The minimum order is 12 belts. 

The 32 colors available are shown in the first 2 photos. The first photo shows a cream - white belt. The second photo shows 31 other colors, each with a number.

In the indicated box, please enter the number of your chosen color. If you would like the cream - white pattern in the first photo please state "cream - white pattern". 

In the indicated box please enter the amount of each size desired. We offer the following sizes (measured in inches): 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, and 44.  For example, you could write in: "5 of size 28, 8 of size 30," etc. 

For a one time charge of $80, we can emboss your logo on this belt. You can email us a photo and dimensions of the logo on our Contact Us page. 

See this video to see how the belts are made:

Price: $22.25
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    Put size(s), and quantity of each size, here. Even sizes only, 28 to 44. *


    The following is a list of the names in Spanish of each of the 31 color patterns in the photo.

    1. Azul Marino
    2. Libelula
    3. Verde Limon
    4. Ladrillo
    5. Verde Botella
    6. Multicolor Fino
    7. Tierra Fino
    8. Rosado Palido
    9. Corinto
    10. Cafe Oscuro
    11. Celeste Palido y Pescado
    12. Volcan Tierra
    13. Negro
    14. Besh
    15. Zic Zac Combinado
    16. Blanco Crudo
    17. Azul Nacional
    18. Volcan Pastel
    19. Cemento
    20. Rojo
    21. Tierra #3
    22. Tierra #1
    23. Tierra #2
    24. Amarillo
    25. Verde Musgo
    26. Naranja
    27. Azul Anil
    28. Fucsia
    29. Mostaza
    30. Parchado Multicolor Vivo
    31. Cafe Claro