MINIMUM ORDER 200 BELTS. Allow 3 months. There are many intricate steps involved in making this belt. 

One and 3/8 inch wide. 5 oz. Intricate cotton cloth, tight durable weave. 

The size of each belt = the length in inches from where the leather folds over the buckle to the middle of the 5 holes. 

For a one time $80 charge we can emboss your logo on this belt. You can email us a photo and dimensions of the logo on our Contact Us page.

Below please put in the message you want on the belt, and the sizes and quantities desired. 

See this video to see how the belts are made:

Price: $25.00
    Message for the belt - limit to 17 letters and spaces combined *
    Please state each size and quantity desired. Even sizes from 28 to 42. Total must be at least 300 pieces. *