• Custom Letters Friendship Bracelet 1/2 Inch - fb108w
  • Custom Letters Friendship Bracelet 1/2 Inch - fb108w

Hand made friendship bracelet customized with your message and colors.

The bracelet is 100% Cotton wrapped around a hidden flex strip, and is one half an inch wide.

Use the box below to write your message. Your message can have up to 18 letters and spaces combined in the message for a 2 color bracelet, or 10 letters and spaces combined for a 3 color bracelet.

Use the other box below to write the colors you want the bracelet to be, or you can write "multicolors" for a pleasing assortment of different colors. 

Please allow 6-8 weeks for most orders. The minimum order is 240 bracelets. 

Please note the 2 photos show the difference between a 2 color bracelet and a 3 color bracelet.

Price: $2.00
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